Life Raft

Life Raft is a biweekly newsletter of art appreciation in 300 words or fewer. Writers from all over the world share stories of how art has helped them navigate life. Edited by James J. Uebbing.

Joe Koch on late style and staying present with impermanence.
Dian Parker on the timelessness of Jean Giono. "Sharing these fraught times with Jean Giono’s wisdom and genius buoys me."
John McMahon on the power of Winslow Homer's work. "It’s as if Homer, a big mustachioed man, whipped these canvases up in a frenzy of paint to match the…
Sherry Shahan on Chelsea Girls. "An artist is somebody that produces things people don’t need to have." - Andy Warhol
Winshen Liu on taking the time to pause. "And in taking the time to pause, to really see, I am gifted with hearing their voices shout the joy and…
N.T. McQueen on having the strength to accept mystery.
Alexander Sapien on Walt Whitman and staying true to one's self.
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