Open Canon

Open Canon is a bi-monthly column about the American artists you might not know but should.

E.R. Zarevich. Posthumously awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1926, Amy Lowell was a self-educated poet who favored Imagism and rejected "safe…
by John McMahon. The Romantic Realist, little remembered today, had a unique approach to watercolor landscape painting.
by E.R. Zarevich. Best known for her novel 'Nightwood,' Djuna Barnes is regarded by the LGBTQ community as a writer who dared.
by Janna Grace. A century after the publication of her first volume, Aline Murray Kilmer’s brief Wikipedia page introduces her with the fact that…
by Edith Magak. The silent film, long considered lost, is the first narrative film to feature an all-Black cast.
by Andrew Symington. The prominent composer's lesser-known symphony showcases his appreciation for diverse musical influences.
by Adam Zucker. The maverick visual artist rose to prominence during the Abstract Expressionist movement, despite favoring a more representational…
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